How To Place An Order


Placing an order with P.P.R Electronics is easy. We accept orders via Phone: 712-9309, 368 8317, 222 9706 online checkout ( or e-mail:
• Simply select the machine(s) you are interested in and provide this info if placing order via phone contact or email.
• If you are not quite sure which machine is best suited for your needs especially if you are on a tight budget, we can always help you make the best choice, no need to pay for what you don’t need.
• Once your choice is made and your order confirmed, your machine will be delivered to you within the next 24 hours (excluding Sundays/Public Holidays).
• Upon delivery, feel free to carefully inspect the item and verify functionality.
• Payment methods upon delivery: LINX/Credit Card,Cash, Certified/Company Cheque/Banker's Draft.
• Thank you for shopping at P.P.R Electronics

Please Note: Orders can be placed online without paying upon checkout. Payments can be made upon delivery via LINX/Cash/Company's Cheque/Credit Card.


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